Foreword By Henry
Sam James: Servant on the Edge of History!
Risking all for the Gospel in War-Traumatized Vietnam
   Sam James, for years, has been a true “missionary hero” to me.  He would never
accept this name.  But he thoroughly deserves it, along with his wife Rachel.  They
served at the clear call of God, but the living out in real life and in real situation
awaited them.
   Sam has thoroughly captured in writing the God-initiated moments when God
made him into an “authentic missionary!”  He has incredibly taken us into most all of
the Biblical, then practical decisions that must be faced and made with integrity
before God and men.  In the process, he captures the deep and real dilemmas of
extremes in every decision that grows out of real situations, and comes to a Biblically
authentic balance in his own response.  In so doing, he makes us “live out” with him
the inner struggles of living out his missionary call.  They are brilliantly conveyed in
his writing.  I’ve been in many of these places and I bear witness that Sam has
accurately described his soul, transparently before God who called him and Rachel
to be God’s chosen and called servants in an unusually hostile environment – the
war that raged in Vietnam.
   His heart to engage all believers with God in a broken and heart-breaking world is
exceptional, as he concludes each chapter with a summary and vital questions for
our lives.
   Sam has captured deeply what James said about faith: “…faith without works is
dead.” (James 2:20).  But he has effectively demonstrated further what James wrote:
“…faith was working together with his works, and by works faith was made perfect
(complete)…”  (James 2:22).  Correct theology is good.  But faith must be completed
by works, lived out and made real in the broken world where He’s assigned us.
   This book is essential for all active missionaries, whatever their base is, and for
every leader – yes, and every serious believer in Christ!
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--Henry Blackaby