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The Journey Begins

Sam’s new book, “The Making of a Servant” will be published within the next few weeks! More information is forthcoming at this site in the next few days. This book takes its inspiration from Jeremiah 18, “Like clay in the hand of the potter so are you in my hand…” the Lord says.

Sam writes, “We all have experiences from our earliest years of life which tend to nudge us in the direction we take in life. It is important for us to learn from those experiences so that we can know which fork to take when the path of life presents us with hard choices. Through childhood in a small rural town in Randolph County, North Carolina, six years of naval service in the Korean War, 10 years of university and seminary education, marriage and four children, and fourteen years in the Vietnam War, there were many paths I could have taken, but the Potter in whose hands I rest, was in the process of forming the vessel He wanted to use in those places where His presence was needed. Thus the title, The Making of a Servant.” 

Sam’s goal in writing the book is to provide you the opportunity to look at your own life’s experiences and see how they have influenced your own choices in life. He hopes you may even be challenged to make serious choices about your present direction in life. Most of all, Sam prays you understand your need for the presence of a loving heavenly Father to give you fresh insight and guidance!


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