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Wow, my last post about an embarrassing moment has stirred some great reactions. Yes, none of us wants to experience embarrassing moments, yet these painful hard moments, no matter how great or incidental they are, can have a powerful formative influence on our life. We can let them make us bitter, angry, resentful and become like a cancer in our soul, or we can process them, learn from them, and they can make us more beautiful than we ever thought we could be! Just depends on what we do with them.

I think how I could have run out of the class crying, and vowed never to return to college, and I am not sure where I would be today! At that time I did not know to turn to the Lord and let Him help me. But, God was shaping this piece of clay into what He wanted me to be and gratefully I kept moving on. When I finally found the Lord, so many bad, painful experiences helped me to recognize Him, trust Him, and follow Him wherever He wanted to lead me. We never experience anything that God cannot take and use to mold us into something better than we were before we had that experience. Thanks for each and every response.

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