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It’s here!

Well, friends, it is time for an update. My new book, “The Making of a Servant,” is finally being printed. The publisher is working on the marketing plan, publicity pieces, etc. Amazon has my book now available. Barnes and Noble also has the book available online but I do not know if and when it will be in the stores. I know you can order it at any B&N store.

The charge for the paperback version is $19.95 through these outlets. The Kindle and Nook e-books should be available soon for $9.95.

I do not have my own inventory of books yet but they should be coming in hopefully in another week. I will make them available for mailing at a cheaper price than the stores and will autograph them.

Both of my books are also available on this website and you can pay with any credit card through PayPal. It is easy to order!

Just for your information, my first book signing will be in my hometown, Liberty North Carolina, at the Randolph Library on June 16, at 11:30 a.m. I am so excited to meet my hometown folks who are so precious in my memory, and they are included in my book.


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